Decretum Gratiani

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Education uncertain, but was a pastorally oriented expert in law.

Teacher of canon law in Bologna, c. 1140.
Expert advisor in legatine court, Venice, 1143.
Bishop of Chiusi, Tuscany, c. 1144

Died 10 August, c. 1145

Anders Winroth


Professor of History, University of Oslo

BA Stockholm University, 1990
PhD Columbia University, 1996

Above seen together with Svalbardsbók, a manuscript of Icelandic law.

Emil Friedberg

Editor emeritus

Professor of Law, Leipzig University

Sometime Rector, Leipzig University

Edited the second recension of Gratian's Decretum in 1879, leaning strongly on manuscript Ka and the Roman edition as edited by his teacher Aemilius Ludwig Richter.


Summa Parisiensis

Magister Gratianus, in hoc opere antonomasice dictus magister, loco proemii talem suo praemisit libro titulum: "Concordia discordantium canonum", in quo materiam et intentionem breviter exponit.

Summa "Antiquitate et tempore"

The book is useful for knowing  how mores should be taught, how judgments should be concluded, and what should be thougth concerning the sacraments.